Sexy Santa Clause Costumes For the Fun of it

Published Date: December 12th, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By MD Stacener Platinum Quality Author

Santa Clause is to Christmas as candy canes are to Candy Cane Lane. What would Christmas be without either? Just the word Christmas brings thoughts of mistletoe and poinsettias, Christmas trees and the wonderful smell of those trees, turkey, and eggnog.

For the children there’s the excitement of Santa’s elves and the reindeer, especially Rudolph with his nose so bright, and St. Nick’s sleigh. It’s an exciting time of the year and not just for the children.

During the festive Christmas season there is always plenty of parties and get togethers. In recent times there have been a lot more Christmas costume parties, which can be a lot of fun.

The biggest problem is everyone automatically thinks to dress up as the traditional Santa Clause, yet there are so many other great costumes that you could buy. Thanks to online costume sites you can be whatever you want to be for this season’s parties.

How about Sexy Santa Clause? If you have the body then why not show off those pecs and that six pack. For the gals there is sexy Mrs. Clause or Sexy snow girl. Show a little skin – be as bare as you dare.

You could be an elf, and not just the regular elf but one of the sexy ones. Sizzling hot it is. If you are attending an adult party and you have no modesty then you could have a look at the extra sexy Santa costume – or lack of costume – there’s a hat, and some briefs and that’s all there is. If it’s a little to lacking for the party it certainly could be a lot of fun for a private party. Perhaps the matching miss’s costume would interest you too.

What’s great is these costumes can be used year after year and they can also be used for other themed parties throughout the year. Who says the Christmas spirit can only occur during the holiday season. Why you certainly can make use of your costumes any time you get the urge.

Then again if you are planning to play the role of Santa Clause for the children you’ll need to choose a traditional Santa suit and the better the quality the better. If you don’t have your own belly to fill out that suit then you can rent a Santa belly. After all where there are children you’ll want to look as realistic as possible. Kids are pretty attuned to what’s going on around them so you’ll need to really up the anti so they suspect nothing.

Christmas is the time for festivities, for laughter, for Christmas concerts, Santa Clause at the mall, It’s a time for laughter and happiness, a time to party and spend time with those that you love, and it’s a time for presents. What’s great is it’s almost upon us and it’s time to let the fun begin. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.

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