By Caterina Christakos Platinum Quality Author

The passing of another year is something that gives us all pause for thought. Over the course of a year so many things change, and it is a remarkable thing if you don’t become at least a little contemplative about what has gone before. Whether this is good or bad, it at least gives you the opportunity to audit the year, see what was good about it and what was bad, and take stock of what you want the next year to be about. It is something that allows us all to give a bit of thought to how we want to move forward. But as well as all of this it is something to celebrate. New beginnings, like new ships, deserve to be launched in style. There can surely be no better way to set the ball rolling than a good meal.

Anywhere in the world, most of people’s conversation tends to happen at the dinner table. For many of us it is the first time all day that we get to stop either preparing for work, traveling to work, working, or getting home from work. It is an opportunity to stop, think and talk about things in a relaxed manner. The best restaurants allow you to replicate this experience without concerning yourself with the preparation, serving nor tidying away the remains of the meal. All you need to do is eat, drink and talk about the year just past and the one that’s on its way. The time for singing karaoke and watching the New Year arrive on television is ahead, but a good meal will be the best way of getting into your stride.

At gourmet restaurants they are fully aware of how important the New Year is, and they will do everything to get your celebrations going. The staff, in such establishments, are a very friendly bunch and they will be happy to wish you a happy new year as well as taking time out to co-ordinate the meal so as to ensure maximum levity. Good waiting staff will always facilitate the evening by their words and actions – something that you will witness if you begin the celebrations on New Year’s Eve dining at a restaurant geared to pampering you. It makes the rest of the evening go a whole lot more smoothly. Basically, it is just how a New Year’s Eve should always begin.

As a rule, New Year’s Eve celebrations tend to be raucous, drunken affairs. You of course have that choice. But wouldn’t it be better to be somewhere festive where you can actually enjoy high quality alcohol and remember the evening the next day? You want to actually enjoy the taste of rather than the stuff you’re too drunk to distinguish. The wine list in many of these establishments is a triumph – carefully selected to ensure that every meal can be accompanied by its ideal partner wine, so that your dining experience is as perfect as it can possibly be. And the atmosphere in the restaurant should be relaxed and cheerful – exactly what you need to get you in the mood for celebration.

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