A Wii Fit For Christmas to Lose Those Holiday Pounds

Published Date: December 22nd, 2009
Category: Health

By Anna Cross Platinum Quality Author

There is no doubt that with the holidays swiftly coming upon us, many will be dealing with a few extra pounds after all of the feasts. Why wait til New Years to come up with a decision and plan to lose the weight? Decide NOW!

You could start now by investing in a Wii Fit by Nintendo. This cool new ‘game’ is so much more – exercise could actually be fun – so you might actually do it and keep those holiday pounds at bay (or at least work them off if it’s already too late)!

The Wii fit allows everything from yoga to cardio, aerobics to strength training. Your weight distribution and body movements are recorded on a balance board, and you can do all of this from home – no embarrassing gym required!

You can set your fitness goals, and track your progress by first entering in your age and BMI (Body Mass Index). Over time, you will be able to see exactly how the Wii has helped improve your health overall. There is even a way to track exercises you do away from the Wii (if you manage to do such a thing)!

The Fit can be also used as an add-on for other games on the Nintendo. This helps you to bring your exercise efforts into your gaming adventures. The options are really endless – from running to simulating snow skiing, and everything in between!

A Wii Fit for Christmas is not just a frivolous spend on another needless video game. This investment brings fun and fitness together – a combo so desperately needed in this day and age of rampant obesity. Help yourself, and your kids – by investing in your future health – and awesome family time!

Need even more gaming fun mixed with fitness but not sure what to look for? Check out the DDR Bundle. There’s even a way to play DDR Online – too cool!

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