By Magriet Du Plessis

I think the first question we have to ask ourselves is, why are you looking for crafts for kids to do?

There may be many reason why you are looking for crafts for kids to do. Let’s have a look at some of these reasons may be:

  1. Summer is coming and you know you will have to have lots of activities to keep the kids occupied.
  2. You simply cannot think of crafts any more and need some new ideas.
  3. The crafts you do find, are difficult to do and you cannot print any of it.
  4. All the crafts do not have enough pictures to make it easy for you to see what the completed craft should look like.
  5. It takes hours of searching the net before you have crafts suitable for the stage of you kid’s development. Time you could have spent doing the crafts.
  6. All the crafts for kids to do, that you do find, use specialized supplies that you do not have in the house at all times. You have to go and buy supplies before you can start crafting with the kids.
  7. You want to save money by using crafts activities to help your kids make gifts for family and friends.
  8. You want to spend quality time with you kids doing crafts.
  9. You are looking for activities to lure your kids away from the television.
  10. You are homeschooling your kids and you are looking for ways to improve your kids small motor skills.
  11. You are homeschooling and you are looking for ways to help with your kid’s concentration span.
  12. You are aware of the fact that crafts improve your kids self confidence.
  13. You are looking for ways to teach the kids perseverance and know that crafts are an ideal medium to do just that.
  14. You are a play group leader and are running out of crafts.
  15. You are a kindergarten teacher and just cannot think of new crafts any more.
  16. You can not always find crafts that are appropriate for all the holidays.

Well now the next question is where you can find all these crafts for kids to do. I think the very best way is to buy an e-book with lots of printable crafts in it. With an e-book you can simply print the crafts you need and start crafting without having to look for crafts for hours.

The reason I recommend an e-book, and not a printed one, is because it is easy to print the crafts you need. If you buy a printed book you have to draw the templates or you have to make photo copies. This obviously increases the cost of doing crafts. So, with a printed crafts book it is not always possible to do crafts on the spur of the moment but with an e-book you can simply print the craft you want to do and start crafting.

So, I think if you always want to have crafts for kids to do, on short notice, a kid’s crafts e-book is the best. It is well worth the time to look for a good crafts e-book as it will save you lots of time in the future.

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