New Years Eve – Tips to Keep You Safe

Published Date: December 31st, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By Jeffrey Meier Platinum Quality Author

Every year we always read about things that happen to people celebrating on New Year’s Eve. In happens all the time, but it doesn’t have to if you follow some really simple tips. We have put together some of the most common tips that you will need to know to have a happy and safe New Years Eve. These are simple that almost anyone can follow to have a great holiday.

New Years Eve seems to get bigger every year and so does the parties around the globe. This means more chances for people to get hurt if they don’t take some simple steps to protect themselves. Of course one of the most common sense one is not to drink and drive. Celebrating the New Year this happens so having someone to drive who isn’t drinking should be number one on the to do list. This way your party will get home safety without any problems. If you don’t want to do that many cities are starting to offer public transportation so you can get home safely. Other options are just-stay at a friend’s house until you can drive if you’re going to drink.

Fireworks it seems are another thing that is associated with New Years Eve and many people use it to light off and bring in the New Year. Several precautions should also be used here so you will have no problems with fireworks. Always have a bucket of water handy just in case something goes wrong. Many people in the cooler climates think snow is the same think as water, but it’s not when dealing with fireworks so keep this in mind. Most of the time things will go off without a hitch, but it never hurts to be prepared. Pets are another issue when you talk about fireworks. They get scared from the loud noises and sometimes will not act like they normally do. This is something that you will want to watch out for. Pets can sometimes do things you really don’t understand to protect themselves.

In the last few years boating has become a bigger part of New Years Eve celebration and accidents can occur on boats as well. In fact accidents on boats can be more deadly than on land. If drinking is going to happen on a boat remember to wear life jackets. No matter if you think they look stupid or bulky they can save your life. When people get drunk many times, they don’t pay attention to how dangerous water can be and death can occur fairly quickly. If you do go boating set ground rules so everyone is familiar with them. This way people know what to expect, another great idea is to partner up with people so you know exactly where there at. Many times people wander away and this is when accidents happen because no one is around in case they get into trouble. Avoid this at all costs.

New Years Eve is a time for celebration, but you need to follow proper safety tips or tragic results can happen. If you follow some of these tips that were talked about above you should have no problem enjoying your New Years Eves’ celebration. Those try and take chances are the ones who usually get hurt or worse cause their own death. Party within reason and you will have another safe and joyous New Years Eve.

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