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The Catnip Buzz

Date November 26th, 2006 Comment Comments Off on The Catnip Buzz

By: Stan Beck Cats sleep a lot, have you noticed it? It’s a natural part of being a cat, I’m convinced, because it’s a seemingly universal trait. And really, cats kind of move at their own pace, don’t they? However, should you give your sedate kitty a deep whiff of catnip, the party will come […]

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Leash Training Your Cat

Date October 31st, 2006 Comment Comments Off on Leash Training Your Cat

By: Tony Robinson Leash training, like any other training, a cat will require the proper tools, research, patience and good reinforcement. Cats are intelligent and sensitive which you will never want to use force or physical threats on a cat. Any of the force behaviors that you use on the cat will only result in […]