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The Cat’s Remarkable Purr

Date October 22nd, 2007 Comment Comments Off on The Cat’s Remarkable Purr

by Sharon Cowherd Have you ever wondered why a cat purrs and how? It really seems to be a mystery as to why that little rumble you hear coming from your cat occurs at any given time. I thought that a cat would purr out of contentment or happiness. I have heard my own cats’ […]

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Breeding Of Cats

Date October 21st, 2007 Comment Comments Off on Breeding Of Cats

by Crystal Chan By their very nature, cats are free-ranging animals. Mature males especially, are wanderers. Before the concept of selective breeding about 150 years ago, this wanderlust in domestic cats provided plenty of opportunity for the intermingling of genes. If there were teo distinct races of cat in any region, they blended over a […]