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5 Easy Steps to Stir Fry

Date October 24th, 2011 Comment Comments Off on 5 Easy Steps to Stir Fry

Stir fry method of cooking is very healthy. It uses less oil and leaves the food crisp and not overly cooked, and thus not stripping out all the nutrients and vitamins from raw food especially vegetables. Stir frying only takes a matter of minutes if you follow these few easy steps. 1. Well equipped Firstly, […]

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Holiday Leftover Ideas

Date December 27th, 2009 Comment Comments Off on Holiday Leftover Ideas

By Rachel Paxton The holidays are a time for friends and family and good old-fashioned home cooking. Who can resist the tempting smells coming from the kitchen at this most favorite time of year? Holiday dinners were among my favorite, most memorable meals as a child. Our family shared our holiday meals with different relatives […]