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Methods on making scented candles

Date September 8th, 2009 Comment Comments Off on Methods on making scented candles

Author: julius villanueva How to make scented candles Elegance is added to a room with scented candles.  The candlelight from a few candle gives the room a romantic feeling.  However, whilst a fragrance is added to the room through a scented candle, the elegance of the space grows. You can aid aroma oil that is […]

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Date November 28th, 2008 Comment Comments Off on Homemade Christmas Gifts

By Sumits Sharma Master the art of gifting by making Christmas gifts on your own this year. Homemade Christmas gifts are certainly the most treasured and loved by our close ones. It may not be an expensive Christmas gift, but the maker’s special efforts involved in it make it invaluable. With our schedules getting tighter […]