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Discus fish health – Things you should know

Date October 25th, 2007 Comment Comments Off on Discus fish health – Things you should know

by Steve Darson Just one look at the discus fish forums will tell you how discus fish health is a highly debated topic. Discus fish health is also featured in some special magazines. This is mainly due to the failure rates of many owners, who don’t know how to preserve their discus fish health. The […]

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Aquarium and fish care

Date December 26th, 2006 Comment Comments Off on Aquarium and fish care

By: John Ugoshowa How to In all there are more than 20,000 types of fish. There is virtually no way possible anyone can outline how to care for fish and aquariums in a single group of articles. About the best that anyone can do is give you a few basic concepts, care instructions, etc, and […]

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