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A Wii Fit For Christmas to Lose Those Holiday Pounds

Date December 22nd, 2009 Comment Comments Off on A Wii Fit For Christmas to Lose Those Holiday Pounds

By Anna Cross Platinum Quality Author

There is no doubt that with the holidays swiftly coming upon us, many will be dealing with a few extra pounds after all of the feasts. Why wait til New Years to come up with a decision and plan to lose the weight? Decide NOW!

You could start now by investing in a Wii Fit by Nintendo. This cool new ‘game’ is so much more – exercise could actually be fun – so you might actually do it and keep those holiday pounds at bay (or at least work them off if it’s already too late)!

The Wii fit allows everything from yoga to cardio, aerobics to strength training. Your weight distribution and body movements are recorded on a balance board, and you can do all of this from home – no embarrassing gym required!

You can set your fitness goals, and track your progress by first entering in your age and BMI (Body Mass Index). Over time, you will be able to see exactly how the Wii has helped improve your health overall. There is even a way to track exercises you do away from the Wii (if you manage to do such a thing)!

The Fit can be also used as an add-on for other games on the Nintendo. This helps you to bring your exercise efforts into your gaming adventures. The options are really endless – from running to simulating snow skiing, and everything in between!

A Wii Fit for Christmas is not just a frivolous spend on another needless video game. This investment brings fun and fitness together – a combo so desperately needed in this day and age of rampant obesity. Help yourself, and your kids – by investing in your future health – and awesome family time!

Need even more gaming fun mixed with fitness but not sure what to look for? Check out the DDR Bundle. There’s even a way to play DDR Online – too cool!

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Christmas Cookies – Bake a Tasty Holiday Treat

Date December 21st, 2009 Comment Comments Off on Christmas Cookies – Bake a Tasty Holiday Treat

By Thomas O Donovan

Bake a tasty holiday treat today
The sweet aroma of baking Christmas cookies is a telltale sign that the holidays have arrived. And while the weather outside might be frightful, a cookie right out of the oven can warm your heart.
Holiday baking is an activity that is often rich in family history, just like decorating the Christmas tree. Christmas cookie recipes are regularly passed down from generation to generation, and many people can name several holiday cookies they baked each year growing up with their parents, friends or grandparents.

Finding Your Christmas Cookie Recipe
If you’re an inexperienced baker, start this year with easy Christmas cookie recipes. Here are some possible resources where you can find Christmas cookie recipes:
– Christmas magazines
– Lifestyle magazines
– Cookbooks
– Cooking websites
– Blogs
– YouTube videos
– Online cooking groups
– Cooking classes

How can you tell if it’s an easy or an advanced recipe? First, look at the list of ingredients. Chances are, the more ingredients, the more steps involved. Read the directions to see if they’re easy to follow. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, but if you’re planning to bake for a major event, it’s probably a good idea to have a couple simple recipes on hand in case something goes wrong with one of your batches.

Organizing Your Cookie Recipes
Come up with a method to organize the recipes that don’t come in an assembled book. Some people like to use small recipe cards, others prefer large binders. It’s a good idea to cover your recipes in a protective layer, like lamination or a clear slip cover. You should also devise a way to make the recipes easy to find. You could organize them in alphabetical order, by the time of year or season, or by the friends you traditionally bake them with.

There are many other factors to consider when deciding which cookies to bake, such as who you’ll be baking with. For example, if children are taking part, try a recipe where they can use Christmas cookie cutters in shapes like stars, trees, snowmen or angels. You can find cookie cutters at craft stores, department stores and dollar stores. Get some icing and other accents to jazz up the cookies. If a child isn’t old enough to use baking utensils, decorating is a great way to get them involved.

Christmas Cookie Favorites
The following list will provide you with an idea of some traditional Christmas cookies you might want to bake this season:

– Shortbread
– Pfeffernusse
– Fruitcake balls
– Peppermint cookies
– Sugar cookies
– Gingerbread
– Rum balls
– Eggnog truffles
– Candy cane cookies

With a pinch of cheer and a dash of laughter, you’ll be sure to have success baking your Christmas cookies this year.

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