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How To Gamble For Less In Las Vegas

Date October 24th, 2011 Comment Comments Off on How To Gamble For Less In Las Vegas

Millions of travellers arrive in Las Vegas every year to gamble in what surely must be the gamble capital of the USA, if not the world.
If you are on a budget it is still possible to gamble in Las Vegas. Here are a few tips for gambling on a budget in Las Vegas:
Make sure you have your discount coupons all organised in the exact order in which you will come to them on the Las Vegas strip and downtown.
First of all, organise your coupons in the order of their value with the highest discount at the top of the bundle and then put these coupons together in
the exact order of how these casinos will appear as you travel down the Las Vegas strip.
Make sure you have an up to the minute Las Vegas map to help you sort out your priorities. Be sure to prioritise casino coupons where you invest
less money with each bet and get a higher rate of return.
At the beginning of each day decide exactly how much you can afford to gamble. Don’t go over your limit and don’t go into debt EVER to pay for your
Organise your coupons for free slot pulls, drinks and other freebies like snacks and two for one meals that you can use at the casinos.
Go to the first casino on your list, play the coupons, pocket all your profits and then visit the next casino on your list. If you are staying in one casino
for a while and your coupon says ‘valid for one person per visit’ then make sure you move around the tables to use your coupons so that you don’t
stand the chance of handing your coupon to the same staff member each time.
Experts say the best odds for a win are with blackjack and craps. This means that if you have discount casino coupons to play at any of these tables
your losses should be as low as possible.
Should you be lucky enough to win a Las Vegas jackpot then there are a few words of caution that you should always bear in mind. Jackpot winners
are likely to draw a lot of attention to themselves and that attention is not always with good intentions. So always ask that any large winnings be in the
form of a check and then mail your check to your bank or to your home in an envelope and stamp that you have bought in the same casino. That way
you never leave the casino with any cash winnings.
If for some reason you are paid in an amount of cash, have a casino staff members escort you to your hotel room or bank or to the nearest place
where a cashier’s check can be made out to yourself.
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5 Easy Steps to Stir Fry

Date October 24th, 2011 Comment Comments Off on 5 Easy Steps to Stir Fry

Stir fry method of cooking is very healthy. It uses less oil and leaves the food crisp and not overly cooked, and thus not stripping out all the nutrients
and vitamins from raw food especially vegetables. Stir frying only takes a matter of minutes if you follow these few easy steps.
1. Well equipped
Firstly, a wok is a must, not pan, a big round wok. A round-based one works well using gas burner while a flat based one works well on electric stoves.
A good wok is heavy usually made of cast iron or carbonated steel, easily available is departmental store and Asian hardware shops. Teflon based
just doesn’t give you the same rich flavor. When first purchased, the iron wok must be seasoned, heat the wok until smoke start rises from the wok,
and then pour in a table spoon of peanut oil. Wipe the oil around the wok surface and throw away excessive oil. This way, all dirt will be removed from
the wok surface. Secondly, a ladle is a must. Choose one with strong handle.
2. Prepare your ingredients
All raw meat and vegetable must be cut uniformly in thickness and size in advance. This is to ensure the food is evenly cooked. Once the wok is
heated, there is not enough time to cut anymore. Rice and noodles need to be pre-cook, rice to be steamed while noodles to be boiled to soft.
3. Seasoning a must.
Before cooking the main ingredients, Asian usually put in chopped garlic or shallots to enhance the taste of stir fry dishes. When the wok is heated, oil
is put in, then garlic or shallots are put in to fry until golden brown. Only then the main ingredients are put in.
4. Meat first, vegetables second
For stir frying, this is can be considered the golden rule. Always cook meat first, vegetables second. Meat is harder to cook compared to vegetables. If
both are cook together, the vegetables tend to overcook. Meat or seafood must be marinated with a pinch of salt first. Always toss the ingredients for
even cooking. When stir frying rice or noodles, the goldren rule still applies, always meat first.
5. Sauce and seasoning
Lastly, add sauce to your stir fry dish. Sauces, such as oyster sauce, or sweet and sour, thin and thick black soy sauce are added into the wok to
complete the stir fry dish. Oyster sauce, thin and soya sauce is the most common, packaged in bottles and easily bought from the supermarket
shelves. Sweet and sour is popular unique but it’s just simply tomato sauce and sugar. Simply put in the sauce after the meat and vegetables are cook
in the wok, sauté for a while, and the dish is ready to serve.
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